a headshot of Tim Strube smiling

Hello! I'm Tim Strube.

I'm an award-winning creative director and founder of Sequence Creative
Based just outside of Los Angeles and equal parts creator, craftsperson, and collaborator, I specialize in narrative strategy and audiovisual development, post-production, and marketing. I've collaborated with a wide array of clients, creators, and filmmakers on everything from critically-acclaimed feature films to multi-faceted campaigns and branded content with millions of impressions. Whether it's just the beginning or nearing the finish line, I'm capable of deploying and overseeing a robust set of solutions and resources to help guide and fully actualize any audiovisual story or campaign, all while minimizing overhead and maximizing results.
Some of my past collaborators include Netflix, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, RLJE Films, Shudder, IFC Films, XYZ Films, Variance Films, Vertical, Wondery, Roadside Attractions, Well Go USA Entertainment, Spectrevision, 1091 and more.